Sunday, March 13, 2011

Motivation for textured Room

My intention when texturing this room was not to make it look overly realistic. Yet I wanted to make sure that it still looked very believable. Due to the design of the objects in the room, which are very realistic, the room already inhabited the element of believability however my attempt to not make it look too realistic proved to be quite difficult.

Therefore my main challenge when decorating the room was, ultimately, to downplay the realism. I attempted to do this through caricaturing the textures. My idea for caricaturing the textures came from the book The Art Of Up where they explain how they played around with the texture sizes when making UP, however, they state that, “there is a point where the fabric textures, if you blow them up too far, start to look like a potato sack, like a burlap (20). Therefore I knew I had some constraints to be aware of when attempting to do this.

Additionally, I found when texturing the room there had to be a balance between exaggerated textures and more realistic textures to create a believable look. Furthermore I had to use real textures and not just phongs to create the exaggerated look.

Therefore the most prominent texture that I have blown up is the one that I used for the brick walls. I found that it was important that this particular texture was caricatured, as it encloses the room and one would relate most things in the room to it. However the carpet texture I made quite realistic as I found if I made it too large it didn’t relate very well.

The next obvious texture to caricature would be the couches. Because textiles naturally vary in size it gave me a lot of room to play with, especially in terms of how big I could go. Finally the texture used for the ornaments in the room I kept quite natural and realistic as I wanted the glass to read as glass, where if I tried to caricature that too much it would not have. Additionally I left the wood quite a realistic size as, once again, I wanted it to read as wood. However to bring the element of caricaturing back to and around the these objects I enlarged the texture of the rug quite drastically.

Additionally I wanted the room to have a warm, playful and relaxed atmosphere. To achieve this I kept the walls and carpet very simple, with face-brick walls and a natural carpet colour. Which I feel managed to give the room quite an open feeling as it isn’t over imposing. Additionally it keeps it simple and doesn’t distract ones eye from the busier texture that were applied to the objects in the room.

I allowed myself to be more adventurous when it came to the couches, cushions and curtains, where I played around with colours and textures. I tried to carry the colours through the room in a playful manor by colouring the piping of the armrest in a different colour to the chair itself. But I didn’t want the room to look over claustrophobic due to too many colours and patterns, for this reason I mainly stuck to plain colours with the two patters, on the curtains and the couch, for extra effect.

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