Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Motivation for Lighting

Lighting 1

In the first of my light rigs I was trying to light a metal dish to get the full effects of the metal. At the same time I wanted the dish to stand out from the background.

Lighting the metal was more difficult than I thought it would be. I looked at metal objects and noticed that they contained bothers very dark colours, almost black, and very light colours, almost white. Therefore I added a backlight to try and bring out some of the whiter colours around the edges of the bowl. My Key light I placed on the upper left side of the bowl so that it would cast light on the area of the dish, which was furthest back. This would bring the dish forward out of the dark light behind it. The Fill light I placed to the left of the camera, slightly lower down than the Key Light. This was once again an attempt to catch sections of light on the bowl to create the light and dark contrast. Another way I tried to get a contrast into the bow was through placing the shadow umbra value down to 0 on certain lights light.

In order to get the dish to stand out from the background I isolated the lights, which would hit both the dish and the wall so that they only hit the dish. Therefore I could place a bright lighting onto the dish without worrying about it lighting the wall. I then added a light, which only lit up the wall and took the intensity down to 0.2 so that it just allowed one to see the texture without it detracting from the dish.

Lighting 2

For my second lighting rig I tried to create an evening scene where the light was cast by a lamp, which had been cut out of the image. But the lamp would be positioned to the left of the chair.

I looked at household lamps and noticed that most of them let off a yellow tinted light. For this reason most of the lighting in the scene has been given a yellow tint. The predominant light source was coming from the left hand side (where the lamp would be). Therefore the Key was placed at the left the camera. The backlight was placed at the top left behind the chair and was given a strong orange tint, to mimic the light colour of a lamp.

Additionally I needed to light the window so that it didn’t look pitch black and portrayed its reflective qualities. Therefore I aimed a light specifically at the window, which I tinted a dark blue to try and lighten the over all look of the window.

The right hand side of the chair was deliberately left very dark, as there is no light source lighting it.

Lighting 3

In the final Lighting Rig I did I wanted to create a late afternoon look with the sun coming through the windows. I noticed that afternoon sun was very warm in colour and the shadows were relatively harsh but not as harsh as those cast by midday sun.

My Key Light came from the left of the chair as though it was coming through the left window. The Fill Light lit up the chair from the front as well as the wall behind it, which would otherwise have been in complete shadow. I gave the Fill light a very slight yellowy orang tint to create the warm feeling of afternoon sun. And my backlight was tinted quite orange to allow the chair to glow slightly from the right. As the light was streaming into the room from the left to the right I had to additionally light the back wall to look as though light was coming through the window onto it. Therefore I placed a light outside the window, which cast the shadows of the window frame onto the wall. This light also had an orange tint added to it.

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